Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wyatt and Cash

4 1/2 month old Cash!
Wyatt playing trucks on Cash's back.

Sweet boy without his taped ears. We did retape them but this is his last week!!!!!

Vincent took the two boys hiking today and as you can tell they both had a blast!

This picture is so Cash and Wyatt. They are both full of energy and excited about everyday. This is crazy and crazier running through the woods:)

I love this picture!!! After Vincent took the babies hiking we all met at the water stairs.

My beautiful boy!!


mom said...

You won't get any argument out of me, handsome dog, beautiful boy. Some of those pictures where Cash and Wyatt are running make both of them look like they are coming unclued. Babies.

mom said...


Vanessa said...

Love the last picture of Wyatt. It was great getting to be around him for the weekend at the lake. Love him.

Nick and Leslie said...

I love the new pictures of Cash! I can't believe how big he has gotten and his ears look great.

Mindy said...

Oh so cute! He looks so happy in the water! Love it. Cash looks so fun too. Hope he and Wyatt are being nice to each other!

mom said...

Pulll eeeze post again. I want everyone to see my other grandson and it gives me pictures to put in next year's calendar.