Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Wyatt and Cash

4 1/2 month old Cash!
Wyatt playing trucks on Cash's back.

Sweet boy without his taped ears. We did retape them but this is his last week!!!!!

Vincent took the two boys hiking today and as you can tell they both had a blast!

This picture is so Cash and Wyatt. They are both full of energy and excited about everyday. This is crazy and crazier running through the woods:)

I love this picture!!! After Vincent took the babies hiking we all met at the water stairs.

My beautiful boy!!

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Beautiful Hiwasee Lake

I am going out of order and back a few months for this post.Wyatt practicing his swimming skills. One of his favorite things to do is push the floaters from one end of the rope to other.
Wayne, Aubree, and Wyatt getting ready for lunch on the boat.

Wyatt loves riding on the "tire" as he calls it. He could do this all day and he loves when people get thrown off. My sister in law's husband, Ben, fell off months ago and to this day Wyatt still says in Wyatt language "Ben pell off tire in big water."

Wyatt and our sweet boy Cash. This was when we had only had him about 3 weeks and he had just had his ears cropped. He had to wear the cone so he would not mess with his ears. Poor baby!! His ears are still taped and they have been for months now but luckily he does not have to wear the cone anymore.

Wyatt loves the lake. The Hiwasee lake is by far the most beautiful lake I have ever been to. It is crystal clear and so clean.

Beautiful Aubree!! She is always so stylish.

Wyatt got soooooo tired on the boat that he amazingly decided to take a nap. Look how beautiful his rosey red cheeks are with his gorgeous red hair!!!

This was a few weeks before Amanda had Rowen. Now our sweet friends are a family of four.

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Land Between the Lakes

My beautiful sis, Mindy, and I.
We acted as if Mindy caught the minnow that Vincent had bought for bait.

Extremely handsome Elem. Elem is such a good kid. The entire vacation he did take one toy from Wyatt and he shared everything he had. They were very similar in that they both enjoyed playing around eachother with out doing annoying things. They both like there own space, which was perfect. Since I do not see Elem a lot I didn't know he was going to be good with Wyatt but I was just amazed and excited that they did so well together. Elem also has such a great imagination and plays so well by himself and with Mindy and Seth. He is not one that needs constant audience attention so we were all able to talk and enjoy ourselves.

This was Wyatt's favorite thing to do as you will see in upcoming pics!

Our new baby boy, Cash. He is definately all we could have ever wanted in another dog. He definately is not Thorn but he is wonderful. He is so happy go lucky and up for anything. So far he is wonderful with strangers but would rather not be near other dogs. We are in love with this already 28lb boy. We got him about 2 months ago and he weighed 16lbs. He now out weighs Wyatt.

My sweet mom attempting to walk Cash.

My beautiful baby.

Docked on a beach swimming.

Look how opposite they are:)

Wyatt's favorite thing except I could not throw him high enough.

But daddy can! Look at Wyatt cheerleader pose.

Model man.

We had just finished tubing. Wyatt loves tubing!!! He always says he want to ride in the tire.

Memaw and Wyatt.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

The Zoo

Keller and Wyatt looking for the jaguar.
Wyatt sitting in front of the jaguar.

Wyatt's favorite animal at the zoo-his pet stick and rocks. Amazing that he loves the rocks most out of all the beautiful animals there. Oh well I think it is pretty cute and funny.
We went to the Zoo the other day with Keller, Gavin, and Luke (plus the moms:)) and I only got one shot of the boys. They all like something different at the Zoo so it is so hard to get a shot of all of them at once.

Monday, May 31, 2010

Small Group at our house

Brigg and his beautiful son Tucker.
Vincent and Nick.

Leslie, Leah, Kelly, Laura, and baby Eliza.

I love this picture because Eliza is not even Leslie's baby but Leslie is just a natural with kids. She and her husband Nick do not have children but have always been so welcoming to all of us that do. They are just a wonderful couple and I can't wait until they have kids.
We had small group the other night at our house. Now that we 7 kids in our group things can be very exciting and loud but we love it.

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Mini Vacation to North Carolina

Wyatt playing peek a boo.
Mr Bobby taught Wyatt how to hit the tennis ball with the tennis racket!!!

The beautiful North Carolina Mountains and the super clear Hiwasee Lake.

Me and my smiley husband.
Viincent and I got to take a wonderful vacation to North Carolina about a week ago. We pulled our boat and spent most of our 2 days on the lake. We also took our bikes ( we are both training for the Waterfront Triathlon) so we biked and ran on morning. We had a wonderful relaxing time. Thanks to Vincents parents for watching Wyatt, especially Mr Bobby. Mrs Lynette came down with an illness so Mr Bobby took Wyatt. He even took him to his work for a meeting! Oh and thanks to the girls in his office for watching Wyatt during the meeting:)

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Lookout Valley playground

The boys checking out the train. Arie, Stephanie, and I always talk about how cute it is that out boys all have a different color hair.
Arie, Keller, and Wyatt.

Wyatt swinging, and if you look close his hands are over his eyes and he is saying "no" because he hates having his picture taken. When will this phase end. I am thinking never because Vincent still hates having his picture taken.